23rd Annual ABGR-AMEX Golf Tournament Success!

In its 23rd year, the ABGR-AMEX Golf Tournament tradition of excellence continues! Held later in the year than usual, the concern of scorching heat was for naught with record number of participants on both Thursday and Friday hosted at Dirab Golf and Country Club Resort.

Golf participants received goody bags from our partner sponsor, American Express, and a nice set of tumblers from ABGR.

After a two year absence from the American Embassy due to circumstances beyond control, the Awards Ceremony Dinner returned home to a beautifully decorated and recently renovated Formal Gardens. Dinner was catered by USERA and we would like to thank the team led by USERA Manager Doug Burk, and his capable Assistant Manager Thanseel Siddique, as well as the RSO for their support. A shout out to Russell Gann for providing the sounds.

The Golf Committee Chairman Tom Merkel and ABGR Chairman Dan Cagle offered introductions and congratulations to the golfers. Tarik Solomon led the sponsorship efforts which contributed a record amount that will used support ABGR efforts with promoting business and networking opportunities.  Raffle prizes were the most impressive yet and included tickets from four different airlines.

US DCM Tim Lenderking warmly welcomed all in attendance including the Irish Ambassador Tony Carver, and let us know he appreciated the efforts made by the ABGR working with the Embassy hand in hand providing networking opportunities including the guest speaker breakfasts, roundtable discussions, annual Doorknock to Washington and of course the annual Golf Tournament.

This year, the Golf Committee was comprised of Dirab Golf and Country Club Resort representative Bouchaib El Jadiani, American Express representatives Mohammed Loubani and Georges Baaklini and ABGR members Chris Maslak, Tarik Solomon, Jason Mundy, Alex Ligas, Ronda Saead, Barbara Merkel, Claire Bridge and Amanda-Grace Tafunai. A great deal of thanks to these very dedicated volunteers and ABGR staff who made the entire weekend ‘one for the ages.’


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